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Diversity inclusion is required but is it followed?

I have an experience I’d like to share which exemplifies that inclusion is easily said but harder in application. I will let the readers determine where the problem lies once they finished this piece. But for me, I’m still struggling to cross the diversity thresholds as a person of color because I’m not being valued for my views. …

by Duc Nguyen

The non-fiction nature of documentary films has brought the issues of authenticity and ethical obligation back to the debate of objectivity. It questions the integrity of the filmmaker as a presenter of images. Michelle Citron wrote that every shot in documentary films is charged with the ethical implications and choices.(Citron, 271) More to this point is Jay Ruby’s recognition of the “society’s shifting moral expectations of the image maker and the consequent ambivalence some professionals feel about their ethical base.”(Ruby, 308) Ruby structures three moral issues confronting the ethical aspect of image making: First, the question of…

by Duc Nguyen

The decoding task of television messages, even in its most salient state, is a complex undertaking. Stuart Hall attributed the difficulty of “televisual” translation to the nature of the medium. “Since the visual discourse translates a three-dimensional world into two-dimensional planes, it cannot, of course, be the referent or concept it signifies. The dog in the film can bark but it cannot bite.”(Hall,95 )

Decoding visual messages from television news magazine show such as 60 Minutes presents a mountainous challenge. The decoder must climb the peaks with entrenched opposite view in order to break down the wall…

by Duc Nguyen

The modern era of advertising in the mid-1920s led America’s consumer culture through a period of revitalization. The need for infusing the cash-strapped consumers, caused by the Depression, to buy products forged advertisers to instill approaches with new strategies.

One of these strategy was to insert cultural anxieties in ads. These messages were nothing new or revolutionary but instead derived from the preexisting cultural current of the post-Victorian era. By the early twentieth century, a drive for an “entire and perfect sanctification” by the metropolitan middle and upper class was underway. This secular campaign for a complete…

Cuban protested for the return of Elian Gonzalez from Havana.

by Duc Nguyen

Regarded as an unethical piece of television journalism during the Elian Gonzalez case, ABC’s Good Morning America interview with the six-year-old Cuban boy by Diane Sawyer ventures deeply into shaping news as entertainment. By doing so, the show brings much criticism. Despite the outcries from Fidel Castro and other network executives, the broadcast still draw big rating. ABC breaks not only the integrity of all journalistic standards, they constructs the show into a framework which push forward the American-liberal capitalist ideology.

The news report, displayed in front of millions home, mainly aims to persuade the American public…

by Duc Nguyen

Stanley Kubrick’s film: Full Metal Jacket

In America, war is like a test trial. As long as it does not cost, no question asked. But, when the body bags begin to return, the public start to wonder. The recent reports on seven U.S. servicemen killed in action do more than raising questions, they slowly unveil a painful fact of war-casualty. The death of a Navy Seal in Afghanistan- ironically resemble an event portrayed in the film Black Hawk Down, revives a growing concern. It’s not because who he was but because of how he dies.

Thirty two year old Neil Roberts fell from…

by Duc Nguyen

Watch the film here:

The amount of blood that migrated to my brain, thanks to the intellectual stimulation spurred by the UC Berkeley academic training, got a little detour on Saturday. It returned to my heart due to the haunting and stark film by Fabrizio Lazzaretti, Giuseppe Petitto and Alberto Vendemmiati about the devastation war imposed on human in Afghanistan.

Jung: In The Land of The Mujaheddin left me aghast in its explicit, gruesome depiction of war. The film followed the mission of an Italian doctor, and his crew to set up hospitals in Afghanistan mending…

CNN Broadcast of the 1/6/21 Capitol riot

I’m a Vietnamese American, a former refugee who was picked up a U.S. Navy ship in the South China Sea and brought to this country because of the discussions, debates, disagreements, arguments and perhaps some verbal attacks that took place in the United States Capitol. But they were conducted in civil manners. The January 6, 2021 attacks on the very institution that afforded me the ability to speak freely, like what I’m doing now, really shook me. I realized how fragile democracy is and the very disease that could destroy democracy is disinformation. Disinformation is a reason we lost South…

Photo: Duc Nguyen

When people look at me, many would like to see a success story. From the outside, what they want to see is a penniless refugee who made good for himself in this wonderful country. But in truth, I’m not that all together inside. I don’t have a steady job, no assets, a virtual unknown.

Although, I’m running on one conviction- to tell the world my story. Why? Because it was fucked up. After so many years, I still feel angry about it. I couldn’t find the cause of my misery but the fact that people don’t really care to listen…

Photo: Lucian Milasan

by Duc Nguyen

One of the most controversial racial issue of our times is underlined in the theme of the film, “Gentlemen’s Agreement.” Anti-Semitism, the cause which Hitler used for the atrocity he forced upon many Jews and the root of many social segregation in this country was also the project theme of Schyler Green, played by Gregory Peck, a prolific journalist. Green’s move to New York city from California brought him to Smith’s Weekly, a magazine catered to the affluent in Manhattan. Upon accepting his post at Smith’s Weekly, the publisher assigned Green with a tough, new project. …

Duc Nguyen

Emmy Award Winning director, filmmaker, writer, artist.

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